Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He Survived

Congratulation go to my hubby who survived his first semester at The College. I won’t lie and say it was easy. It sure had it’s stressful moments, especially the second week of exams, but he handled it all very well and made it through. He does not have all his marks yet to know where he sits right now … but for now he’s just relaxing and enjoying the fact that he physically survived one semester.

The kids are thrilled to have their daddy back for a few weeks … and I’m trying to adjust my thoughts so that neverending backgrounds message (“don’t bug him now, he’s too busy”) stops running for a few weeks. It’s a weird but lovely feeling to have him around more, to be able to chat more, to see him spending more time with the kids and the family and not to always think that he has to get back to his books. Mind you that does not mean he has left his books behind. He is still busy studying, but at a more relaxing pace with more interruptions, sidetracks and little chores inbetween. We had to enforce that he must take one week completely and entirely away from his books so that his poor mind can relax. He plans to do this from Christmas to New Years. It’s even great that right now he is driving while I’m “working” on his computer … quite backwards from normal where his head is usually buried in the books or flashcards while I drive.

To start of the celebration of the end of exams the students, faculty and their spouses had a potluck luncheon, a time to sit back, relax, eat and do some singing. During the past semester each Tuesday afternoon a group of guys would get together to stretch their voices a bit and put together some sounds in order to relax their minds and take some time away from those books. In keeping with all the funky odd Astrix and Obelix style subject names the student choir is better known as Cacofonix. They sounded lovely and were a nice start to some singing fellowship. And in case we hadn't eaten enough or seen enough of each other the majority of the students and their wives got together again in the evening to relax, chat, play games, socialize and just kick back. Although the guys all go to the same small school they are usually so buried in their work that they don't get the opportunity to really get to know each other, and so these opportunities provide a chance to see the more relaxed side of their collegues. As wives we get together at various times to socialize, study, do crafts, etc and this also helps us to get to know each other and support each other during these years. Oh ... and in case you're wondering .... as a farewell gesture to the guest lecturer from Holland, many students wore orange. Otherwise you would not see Rob in orange, nor in a T-shirt at the college

And the above picture is just to say that as of November 21st Rob has officially graduated from McMaster University ... he now has the piece of paper to go with all the hard work it took to get through that leg of the journey.

We have no big plans for the holidays … just to relax and enjoy our time together, with various visiting etc. … this is big enough plans for us. We hope you all (especially his fellow colleagues) enjoy this holiday season. As we relax and enjoy these festive times let us not forget the true meaning of the season, the Saviour who was born for us, that He may free us from our sins.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rob & Steph.

You have together shared many milestones this past month. We're happy and thankful with you for this good mile-marker, and want you to know that especially in this time of so many "anniversaries" our hearts join yours down memory lane, and our prayers join yours before our Heavenly Fathers throne. What grace we have received that through the work of our Saviour, we may leave all of our cares and disappointments with Him.
Thinking of you, and wishing you a Christmas that is generously sprinkled with the joy of its great meaning.
Love, Al and Diane

amymom24 said...

Congrats, Rob! Kevin is off for a while, too, so I can totally relate to this post:) Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Rob (and Steph, and the children, too, of course)! You have reached two more goals on your way to achieving your dream. Throughout your journey you have kept yours eyes and your hearts set firmly on the Lord and He has blessed your efforts in manifold ways. Struggles are a part of life and the way that we address them shows Whom we entrust with those struggles. We wish you the Lord's continued blessing in your studies. NOW - go enjoy your family for a while!

Arend and Willa Dale