Friday, August 15, 2008

Recent Summer Pics

Pictures from a visit to Mac! We spent some time in the playroom between appointments. It's so amazing to see the different characters in the boys when I watch how Matthew played here versus how James played ... bearing in mind that James was 15 months old the first time he was hospitalized, so he had a few months on Matthew and wasn't feeling good either. While Matthew is full of energy and zooms from one thing to the next James was always more mellow, taking his time to discover everything around him.

Matthew absolutely loved this mirror. His attention span for the train table was short, seeing as there were so many others things to check out too.

We had our annual Family Get-Together (Rob's side) at Binbrook Conservation Area this year. It's gotten a lot busier there compared to the last time I was there (a few years ago). The park has a beach area as well as splash pad making for a good variety for kids of various ages. The rain held off and we had a good day.

Combine water and tarp and have fun! (Marietta didn't do so well on this, she just didn't like the idea of throwing herself on the ground for fear of getting hurt)

They attempted to use a crazy carpet instead. Although a nice idea, the carpet wouldn't slide.

Matthew loves babies and so it's requires close eyes to make sure he doesn't smother them with his "hugs". I missed the picture of the hug, but he loved to try give Vivian hugs and if he wasn't hugging he was watching her closely.

Our little trouble maker ... I remember another little boy getting into the exact same stuff (zinc oxide).

Matthew flies when he crawls, it's amazing the speeds he can go at. It's hard to get pictures of him because the minute he sees the camera at his level he comes flying to you to grab it.

And we can't have pictures of this summer without a rainbow picture. What a wet, rainy summer it's been, with thunderstorms being a regular event. It also isn't uncommon to see it raining while the sun is shining. I'm loving this summer. Yes the rain can be a bit annoying when you're trying to plan something, but oh the temperature is just so perfect at nights and not to hot during the day (even sometimes cool during the days, but still warm enough for shorts the majority of the time).


Kevin and Amy said...

Great pics! Love the one of Matthew staring into the camera with those big blue eyes:)

I'm SO with you on this weather. Hope I'll be as thrilled with it after a week of camping... only time will tell:)

HH said...

Great update Steph. Looks like the kids had a ball of a time. Nothing like a good old slippery slide hey. Cheeky Matthew getting into the cream. I have yet to experience that but I'm really not wishing for it. Hope you are all doing well and get some more lovely sunshine for abit. We are starting to experience lovely spring days now and I'm ever so thankful, the kids are outside!!