Sunday, August 31, 2008

Grand Rapids

Well it's been a few years since we've had summer holidays and five years since we made our last trek down to Grand Rapids to visit John (Rob's brother) and Martha and the gang. So off we went for a weekend, this time we took our own beds with (my parents truck and trailer) making the sleeping arrangements a bit easier. The kids had vague memories of our last visit (from photos and video) and were quite excited to get reacquainted with their cousins.

We did good crossing the border each time, only getting held up for 1/2 hour on our way there and sailed through without delay on our way back. The girls were quite interested in this whole concept of going from one country to the next. It's really all above their head, but they did get a chance to see how fortunate we were that we got through so quickly both times as the line heading in the the US when we came back was several km long. Matthew survived the trip, although we were hardly sane by time we got there ;) What a city-slicker that boy is! He's always been a miserable traveller, it's not uncommon for him to cry his way through a trip. He slept only 1/2 hour on the way up and drove us insane the rest of the way. The way back went a bit better (was also a short trip as we didn't go all the way home) as he discovered that sleeping is really the best solution for boredom. But we survived and had a good weekend once Matthew began to understand that he was going to have to sleep in a new spot for a next few days (he only likes his own bed).

The girls had great fun in the pool ... just the right size for them. They attempted to learn how to dive - Rebecca got the hang of it, Marietta's going to need some work in that department. They both passed Swimmer 2 this summer for swimming lessons and for Swimmer 3 they will be in deep water and learning to dive ... no time like the present to learn.

The girls finally leave and give Joe a chance to cool down and relax.
Martha getting her "baby" fix - he's really not all that babish anymore :(

The kids distinctly remember this wagon from their last visit - Marietta went for a ride by Rebecca was too scared (only 1.5 yrs at the time). They couldn't leave without having a ride again ... these poor city-girls where all we have is a push mower.

The first day Marietta, Rebecca and, Tonya were together and playing the entire time. But at supper time Wayne discovered that Rebecca was going to Grade 1 ... just like him. After that Wayne and Rebecca were inseperatable, leaving Tonya and Marietta to develop a wonderful friendship. We'll have to see how our next visit goes since Wayne was quite sure he wants to marry Rebecca ;)

Hanging around the campfire - Martha, Dana, Leanne and John

We had a lovely time and hopefully it won't be five years before our next visit.


HH said...

Steph, that blue pool, we've bought exactly the same one for our summer coming up. We decided we won't be going away this year so to keep the kiddies happy, we bought a pool like that. It comes with a pump and everything. Just thought it amazing to see the same one here on your blog.

Kevin and Amy said...

Looks like they have a great spot in the country there!

LOL about Rebecca and Wayne:)

Steph said...


Yes those pools are the common thing around here now-a-days. We considered getting one but even a small one like that would take up too much of our tiny little backyard ... so we opted against it ... good thing considering what type of summer we had this year.