Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flower Deliveries

Rob decided to play the flower delivery man tonight. So for those of you who arrived home tonight and found flowers at your home ... they came from Rob. Thanks go to my dad who works at a flower place and loves to save flowers from the compost/garbage and allow us to enjoy them for a few days before we decide to compost them. Dad went a little overboard this time ... but that's okay, we love to share. :)

Oh ... and there were two houses that need to work on their home security system, as we were very easily able to leave the flowers in your kitchen ... you know who you are :)



Joyce said...

I figured it was you breaking into my house. But if you wish to leave flowers like that more often you are more than welcome to break in and I will leave the way in just like tonight.
Thanks a million - I am just enjoying myself arranging them.

HH said...

So I was right! I was guessing on Joyce's blog if it was you Steph. How nice. Any chance of shipping some to They would well and truly be ready for compost by the time they get here...oh well :(