Monday, March 18, 2013

Christmas Holidays

We had a lovely Christmas Holidays this year.  After dealing with constant colds during the fall, all of us struggling with coughs, congestion, sore ears, fevers, aches and what not else we where very thankful to have a sick-free holiday time.  (We won’t mention that only a few days back into school and we all had a nasty cough again.)

It was a relaxing holidays with sleeping in, visiting, playing games and just not having to rush around.  We paced ourselves on plans and made a point of not planning much as all … all of us were rather done from the busy fall with back to back to back bad colds that wiped us out, many appointments, lots of homework, tons of meetings for Rob and just life in general.  So we all welcomed just doing nothing and Rob even had time off between Christmas and New Year’s so we could enjoy some extra family time.

The kids trying to smile in the freezing cold pool at the hotel we stayed in on New Year’s Eve


We spent New Year’s Eve in Chatham this year.  It was good to catch up with old friends.  It always feels like we never left when we go back there.  We checked into our hotel early so Rob could go visit with Ben before we did some other visiting in the afternoon.  We discovered a pool at the hotel, a rather cold pool, so the kids didn’t last very long and instead opted for a nice long long hot shower.

2013 was started off with some sleeping in and then enjoying lunch and Carmen and Gerald’s before heading towards London with their family for some sledding time.   

They say the older you get the fast time goes and it sure feels that way.  As I sit here I cannot believe that it is March already.  It feels like we just finished Christmas Holidays and now we’ve completed the March Break.  We’re two thirds of the way done another school year and in another month the weather will turn nicer and spring will be here again … winter always seems so long when you’re in it, but when it’s suddenly spring you can’t believe how fast time goes.

So this pretty much completes the year 2012.  I have one more very long post to do which I’m pretty much done, just waiting to complete a couple more pictures for it and then I’ll get around to posting it (which at the rate it’s coming together might be a week or so yet).  The kids have already been asking when I’ll publish the next book … hopefully they won’t have to wait 3-4 years for this one.

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