Saturday, July 23, 2011

Piano Recital

Thursday, June 9th the girls played in their second piano recital.  After playing for the Tommy Benefit Concert and the Music Festival this was pretty small scale for Marietta.  This was Rebecca’s second time doing any sort of performance, last years recital being her first time.  Both girls did really well, separately and playing their duet. 





It is exciting and rewarding to see how well the girls have progressed in their piano in the past year.  Rebecca especially has a determination in this area (see here) and made huge strides this year.  Marietta has picked up on her dedication again and is working well in her progression.  I never have to tell the girls to practice their piano, it is more common that I am telling them to get off  the piano and go do what they were told.  We hope that this dedication will continue as both girls seem to have a natural ability in this area … unlike their mother. 

Musically they take after their father, although he did not take much music training he for 1/2remembers more then I do and has an ear for music.  Rob was able to spend some time in choir last year when he was not in school and really wishes he could do that more.  Since the girls both also love to sing and always seem to enjoy the choir concerts we go to we decided to try out voice lessons this summer and see how they take to this.  I’m not sure if the summer will be long for them to actually get into it and see whether they enjoy it.  We decided to attempt this during the summer when they are not busy with school and piano (they “self-study” piano during the summer, going ahead on their own). I find that afternoons are busy enough for them when they get home from school (and they are even fortunate enough to not be on the bus long) that adding voice may just make it too hectic (depending on the practice time required each day).  We are sort of getting a three-for-one deal.  I say sort of because Rob is not technically receiving lessons, but he is benefitting from the girls lessons.  The girls go together for 1/2 an hour and since she encourages a parent to come with to see what they are learning and help them in their “studies” Rob is the one who is taking them and then is suppose to practice with the girls.  For Rob voice lessons is beneficial for speaking, which he may find himself doing a lot of in the future.  The girls have only done three lessons so far … so time will tell.

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