Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today's Lesson

Turn the stove off BEFORE you leave for church.

I am very thankful to report that our house is still standing!!

Just as the minister said "amen" this "little" thought popped into my head ... "did I turn the soup off before we left for church?" I leaned over and mentioned to Rob "I can't remember if I turned the soup off, I don't think I did". His response was to hand me the keys.

We only live five minutes from church. I seen smoke along the way ... but phew, it was just someone out burning stuff in the backyard. Boy did I feel relief when I say the house still standing and no smoke billowing out the windows. "Okay, maybe I didn't leave the stove on".

But the second I pulled in and opened the van door I knew I did ... I could hear the smoke detectors buzzing away.

Because I had left the lid off, the soup had not boiled over. If it had it would have put the flame out and I would have had natural gas to worry about. Instead I had smoke, but thankfully no fire. The house was full and smoke from bottom to top. I promptly turned the stove off, opened all the windows, pulled the batteries out of the smoke detectors, comforted our poor scared rabbit and then went back to church to socialize and pick up the rest of the family. I had been in the house long enough to smell liked smoke, have the stink of smoke stuck in my nostrils and the taste of smoke in my mouth ... but thankfully it wasn't so bad that a little bit of standing out in the fresh air couldn't fix it. We went to the Host Family for lunch (okay, my parents house :), went out for coffee after church and returned shortly after six to a smoke stinky house ... nothing a few days of open windows and a few extra air refresheners can't fix.

Hopefully the smell is gone before you all arive for our housewarming party on Friday night :)


HH said...

Man Steph! So scary. I always have this scare when we go on holidays. Did I turn the iron off??? Just a dreadful thought. So glad your house didn't burn down. Hope the smell is out by Friday :)

corrina kilfoy said...

Oh I hate that feeling. Happy everything turned out ok for you.