Saturday, November 14, 2009


Many of you will find it very hard to believe that it actually took 10 days before I was able to find room on my desk to take my computer out of it's box and get it set up.  Harder to believe is that fact that I really didn't miss it.  Sure there were the times where I wished I could pop on and check something out or research something, but mostly I was content to leave it in it's box as long as possible so that I would have no distractions.  For the first five days distractions were indeed kept to a minimum when our phone line also did not work.  No phone, no computer, no internet ... and to top if off my van "died".  Thankfully Rob is able to get a work vehicle until he has time to revive my van ... so we're driving his work-smelling van now.
So my computer is out of it's box ... but I remain internetless ... and by the looks of it it will remain like that for some time yet.  Upon finding out the price of dial-up through our current provider we decided to go straight to wireless (originally we thought we'd stick it out on dial-up as long as possible ... hopefully till Rob returned to school).  It was going to be $3 cheaper to have dial-up then the DSL we had in the city.  As it stands right now if things go as planned it will be $2 cheaper then our DSL (which was the smallest and slowest DSL package availalbe) for us to go to wireless.
That is ... if things work out.  We are hoping to share wireless connections with another family ... and hence the reason it might be a bit before we're connected.  This requires a learning curve for Rob as this is not something normally done.  Okay ... it's done often enough, but not often enough that you can even buy the required equipment in store ... we will have to order it online.  Then Rob will need some guidance on setting it up, but he is determined to figure it out himself and set it up himself so that he knows how it works and is able to figure it out or fix it if something is not functioning properly.
So add that to the long list of things that need to be done around here to make this "home" (really it's already home, but to finetune it :).  For the time being Rob is able to take his laptop to work and collect e-mails at the beginning and end of the day ... so we're not completely out of touch, only much slower in our responses (half the time I forget to check the computer until it's bedtime and then don't feel like responding, and then the computer is gone again the next day ...etc). 
Eventually updates will come and pictures as well.

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amymom24 said...

Well, glad you're all moved in safely, and enjoy being offline for awhile. It's also kind of nice to know you don't need to endure dial up;)