Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well it's been a bit since I last wrote. Somewhat from lack of things to write, but just as much from lack of time to write. Life has just been busy and the computer hasn't really been part of that busyness.

With September came the start of school again. The kids went back to school on September 2nd and Rob started the following week on September 8th. With this has brought some routine to our lives again. I think this is the most routine we've had in a good number of years. Matthew still tends to throw some loops into the routine, but it's much better then in the spring. I am much more dedicated to trying to be more dedicated to the routine. After several years of "flying by the seat of our pants" it's good to have settled down a bit. Of course life is never quite as settled as we'd like, but at least I feel more on top of things now.

If I look back then I'm not quite sure where all the busyness came from, I guess it's just regular life. I was under the weather for a bit at the beginning of the month. Then societies started again, some visiting here and there, appointments here and there, various canning and freezing ... and before you know it the days are full.

A couple weekends ago we had a chance to get away to Chatham for a few days. This visit was very long overdue and extremely well enjoyed by our family. The girls have always loved these visits, but this time it really hit them hard, especially Marietta who very strongly wishes we could move back there. No matter how many times we try to explain why we moved it is hard for kids to understand why we chose to move in the first place. Even as parents these weekends often leave us wishing we could move back again. We had a chance to visit various friends and catch up again. We enjoyed lunch at church ... just like "old times". It's so amazing to be able to come and step back in as if we never left the place.

We left home with a cranky but healthy Matthew. By time we arrived in London he had fevers and was somewhat lethargic, but we decided to carry on. Throughout the weekend he had various fevers and several lethargic episodes with some screaming and crying and coughing and gagging ... but we all survived the weekend and all considering had a good time. Monday Matthew was back to his normal cranky self, no more fevers, no more episodes, just extra tired. Strange boy.

So I suppose that was the greatest highlight of the past month. The rest has just been "routine" stuff. The girls are both enjoying school. Rob is also enjoying it, but most definitely feeling the pressures of the work loading on now. We had a bbq last weekend of all the students, professors and their wives. Most were there and so it gave me an opportunity to put a face to a few missing pictures. The girls had a chance to see Daddy's school this past week when we stopped to pick him up one day. There first comment was "Is that all? It's small". Yes, it's a tad bit smaller then McMaster.

We have already settled into the cold and flu season, with Marietta developing Strep throat (again) this past week and then today having a stomach bug. Matthew is also struggling through a cold ... so let's hope this isn't a sign of what the winter is going to be like.

And I think I'll leave it at that and go off to catch some zzzz's.


Kevin and Amy said...

Welcome back! I know what you mean about September - it really flew by, what with finding a new routine again and all the other "life stuff."

Glad Matthew's illness didn't turn out too serious, and that you could still enjoy your trip away.

Also glad Rob is settling into his new school. Quite a change, I'm sure. We wish him much strength!

Sorry to hear you were sick. It is never good when the Mom gets sick, eh? Hope Marietta gets better soon, too. I'm dreading the start of cold and flu season. We've had 5 straight weeks of no fevers and runny noses. Our longest stretch ever... it has been great, but I know it won't last:)

Lisa said...

Good to hear from you again! (:

HH said...

Welcome back Steph. Good to hear another update. Glad you could get away. Hope the winter will be easy on you (: