Thursday, July 31, 2008

Centreville Amusement Park

We continue with catching up on stuff.

My parents decided to take the girls and I to Centreville Amusement Park on Toronto Island for a day. As kids we went there almost yearly and so I guess they wanted to carry on this tradition and make sure our kids had a glimpse of the fun their mom used to have. My sister-in-law, Jess also decided to join us for the day. Unfortunately my dad was delayed on his trip (truck driver) and did not make it back on time to come with us (or maybe it was just an excuse to get out of being surrounded by girls all day ;)

So mom, Jess, the girls and I headed off for Toronto for the day a couple weeks ago. I had not driven this trip myself since James passed away as I’ve only once returned to SickKids and Rob was driving that time. The trip up wasn’t too bad as we were busy talking, the trip home was quiet and dark … so like the trips home that I remember … and so my mind would wander back to those days. What a different life we have now compared to then. This is the first time we’ve actually had summer holidays. Before James was sick none of the kids were in school, and so summer was not considered “holidays” but just a carrying on of the everyday routine ... just with warmer weather. And then the past two summers were spent mostly in the hospital or homebound … so all this “freedom” to just pick up and do what we want when we want still feels foreign and just “wrong”. It’s a “freedom” I don’t take for granted and at the same time it’s a “freedom” I’d be happy to give up if it meant things could be different now. But alas, this is how life now is and we are enjoying what God has given us … and I know our girls are most definitely enjoying this "casual" lifestyle.

And so I was talking about our trip to Centreville Amusement Park. We had a lovely day. The weather was perfect, slightly hot, but plenty endurable. This is the first time the kids have ever been to an amusement park (besides any rides they may have gone on for school trips) and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Rebecca says the Scrambler was her favourite (this Scrambler is indoors, in the dark with lights and music … far better then the typical local fair kind), with the Log Ride coming in second. Marietta has a hard time picking between the Log Ride and the Ferris Wheel … let’s just say we went on both plenty of times.

Picture overload to follow:

Marietta's toss-up ... Log Ride or Ferris Wheel

Rebecca's favourite, the Scramble (but Marietta in this picture)
The Rockin' Ferry Ride ... instead of the typical back and forth this one slide all over the place

Leapin Lily Pad ... a VERY miniture Drop Tower ... cept it doesn't just drop, it hops up and down instead.

The car in the first picture takes no talent to drive ... just imagination :)
The car in the second picture however was pretty neat and Marietta loved it. The kids have to actually push the gas pedal to make it go and they have to streer. The track in the middle keeps them from wandering off, but they have to be able to control the wheel enough to try and prevent themselves from bumping the middle guideline. Marietta loved this one, Rebecca on the other hand couldn't keep the gas pedal down and would get frustrated, making her driving abilities not exactly top shape.

Barrel's of Fun ... like the Teacup ride ... lots of spinning ... definitely not for me!!
The ferry ride home after a long and fun day ... two very tired girls arrived home.

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HH said...

Looks like you had a great day out, Steph. The girls sure would have loved that. Who knows, maybe you'll make this a tradition for your family now.