Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well it's been three weeks since my birthday and I had completely forgot about it ... really three weeks is a long time ago ... especially to be thinking about ones past birthday. I already had forgotten a day afterwards, only to be reminded again by the welcoming snowmen on our front porch the next day. It would appear that certain other individuals had not forgot about my birthday, for yesterday morning ten ladies appearred at my door at 8am, armed with a birthday breakfast.

It being 8am on a Saturday means I would still be in my pj's and hair all frazzled. Well I was, but I had no excuse, for they had given me ample warning ... just not in the form that is to be expected. I was suppose to go out for breakfast with friends and we were suppose to be there at 8:15, which would mean I was suppose to leave at 8:00, therefore meaning I was suppose to be dressed and ready to go. Note the word suppose!! :) Well typical Steph style ... I was running late and then I had decided it was better to be late and have Matthew fed and hopefully have him fall asleep on the way so that I could have a peaceful breakfast. And knowing how I can never keep myself clean, I always stay in my pj's until the last minute when having to leave early in the morning. So the doorbell rang just as I finished feeding Matthew and there I stood in my pjs and wet-hair as ten people came on in and took over my kitchen.

But several minutes later, fully clothes and hair dry I was ready to welcome the committee a little more warmly!! Thanks ladies for the enjoyable morning. The breakfast was delicious and the fellowship lovely. I hope Laura learned her lesson and won't bother me on any future birthdays ... for first she froze her hands off hanging up snowmen and then she burnt her fingers cooking breakfast ... a lovely way to remember a friends birthday. And hey, I'm glad Rob made your plans a little more stressful when he decided to work and leave me the van, but in the end you did a good job and I had no idea ... until I heard that doorbell ring, then I began to wonder ... unfortunately it was too late then.

It was a nice start to a lovely day, where we enjoyed socializing, skating, shopping and a relaxed pace. Just a nice day all around.


T.B.H. said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Steph. Isn't the communion of saints great, even at 8 am on a Saturday morning???

Anonymous said...

It was worth the pain ;) Glad you enjoyed it - made it even more worth the effort! Can't wait till your next birthday!
Laura :)

Anonymous said...

Aw Steph - that must have been fun! I'm not sure how crazy I'd be getting surprised on a Saturday morning so early... but I suppose if they cook for you, what can you do? Take care....