Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Marietta and Rebecca

Hello Girls, how was your day today? I know that each day after school you come and check your e-mail and a few blogs, including ours. And each day I get a comment about how I have not updated the blog. So here is a blog post just for you! :)

I said that once I was caught up on the paperwork and my book club and society study stuff I would post something ... and this morning you reminded me that I was done those things and so I no longer have an excuse. I agree with Marietta that if I just posted something every day ... like "everyone" (really how many people is everyone?) else does ... then I wouldn't get behind. While I am sure you think blogging is a very important task for me to do each day, I'm afraid it is not that high up on my priority list when there seem to be so many other things that I could be doing. But I realize that it is very nice to keep up-to-date on the little tidbits of life and this is a fun and wonderful way to do it, so I keep trying. I'm afraid I am always behind, when I work hard to catch up on one project I let others slide behind and then I need to catch up on them and it's a vicious circle. I haven't yet figured out how to stay caught up and maintain everything on a consistent basis. I really need to learn better time management, I'm afraid I'm not a very good example to you.

So while I do not think you will be finding a post a day, I will try to entertain you a bit more often with some updates. I think I still have a few updates to do from the end of 2010 and then it's on to 2011. I am sure if it is a problem to find pictures to post you girls will likely have some to share with me, especially you Marietta, as you try to learn how to use our family Santa gift that we just received - Photoshop Elements (so you can teach me, right:). Once you get that mastered then you can learn how to use Photoshop Premiere and fix up our home videos. Just like mom, you always complain that there so many things you want to do and not enough time (cardmaking, scarpbooking, loom knitting, photoshop, various other crafts, cooking, baking, playing outside) ... I'm glad you can relate a little to how I feel :)

Well I hope you had a good day today and now I must get back to my other important tasks ... like making lunch :)


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Marietta said...

TO Mom

I hope you can find someway to get everything done including the paperwork.