Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We decided to take advantage of the August long weekend and headed off for some visiting for the weekend. Rob's side of the family usually gets together on the Civic Holiday and since it was in London this year we figured we'd drive a little further beforehand and spend some time visiting.

We don't get together too often so it's always neat to see how the kids have grown, especially the little ones - with Matthew and Annika being a month apart in age

Cooling off with water ... add a little water and oh how much fun the kids can have

Matthew's watergun (he got for his birthday) became quite the well used toy that weekend.

BBQing time

The girls enjoyed a swim in a "real" size pool (not that they've ever complained about our pool).

It was too hot in my opinion for the hot tub, but they quite enjoyed themselves

It's always a good weekend when we head off to Chatham ... to bad we don't get to do it more often ... and with Rob heading back to school it will likely next summer before we get a chance to get away for another visit.

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amymom24 said...

Great photos, esp. the silhouetted headstand one:) Looks like the kids had a blast!