Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting Big

My boys getting big ... just some little tidbits about our growing little big guy.

Matthew likes to hang out on our bed and watch Barney, Spot, Little People and recently has added Thomas to his list. I am not to keen on the amount of TV he watches, but know that it goes in spurts depending on how he is feeling. Recently he finally decided to reattempt to get off the bed on his own (he was able to before but something must have happened as he refused to do it again) and now that he gets off the bed on his own he often doesn't watch for long but comes wandering back out of the bedroom after about 10-15 minutes. It seems he just needs that "down-time" to get refocused and reenergized and then he's okay to go for a while again. Whatever it is, it's the only thing besides holding him that stops him from being so miserable on his bad days.

Poor Zoey (my parent's dog) ... Matthew really tries to be nice, but he's just a bit rough. Matthew has no fear and has never shown any fear of dogs. It's a good thing that Zoey is too old and dumb to act very quickly as poor Matthew has deserved a few bites. I will never forget the time just after Matthew started crawling that I found him clinging onto Zoey's saggy cheeks, looking the dog straight in the eye with no fear at all. Zoey on the other hand looked quite afraid and unsure what to do ... funny ... this is the same dog who took a good hunk out of Rob's (and others) leg before. Matthew loves animals and tries to be nice, but his pets and pats are rather rough and since Zoey is old and deaf Matthew scares the crap out of her quite often. I'm afraid one of these days Matthew is going to pick on the wrong dog and we could have some serious consequences.

Another of Matthew's loves is the toothbrush. For quite some time now he has had his own toothbrush and has enjoyed walking around with it in his mouth, chewing away at it. He always enjoys being part of the routine and loves to climb up with the girls to brish with them. He's also very good at spitting ... nobody had to teach him that he figured that one out quite easily on his own. For a time he got into the habit of cleaning the sink, toilet or the registers with his toothbrush. (He can climb up on the toilet himself to get the brush, so if the bathroom door was left open he'd be in there with his brush). Needless to say we were going through quite a few toothbrushes in a short period of time, so we had to pack away the toothbrush for a bit. This did not go over very well and he would often be begging to brush his teeth. Recently I allowed him to have a brush again and we try keep it out of his reach as well as have him under close supervision when it is brushing time ... we'll see how long he behaves.

The stools are usually hidden in our house since Matthew is way to quick and mischievious if they are out. If the girls are doing cooking or baking then they take the stool out for a bit. Matthew is right in there like a dirty shirt and the second they are off that stool he's up there and getting whatever his hands can get ahold of. If there's one thing that Matthew likes it's the foods that he's not allowed to have, this is why the stools must remain hidden and all food far back on the counter as even without a stool he seems to have arm extensions that reach quite far. He enjoys to be part of what everyone else is doing also and here he is cracking egg shells ... since he's allowed eggs that's okay.

And when he's not cooking, he's cleaning!! I assume all kids like the vacuum cleaner as I know all of mine have ... it's just a kid thing ... too bad it wears off so quickly. You can see laying on the floor a little red vacuum that is suppose to be Matthew's, but of course that is not good enough and he much rather use the real one. And the real one is not good enough unless it is actually running and making lots of noise. He has lots of fun doing this.

And here is one of Matthew's favourite past times lately ... books. He just loves to read. Often if he's quiet I don't know whether to go look and find out what kind of trouble he's into and what kind of mess I'm going to have to clean up or just leave him for fear I might disturb he's good playing or his reading time. Thankfully his box of books is in his bedroom so it's somewhat easy to sneak up and check on him without him noticing. He is often found sitting on the floor reading through the books and like a true boy he loves the ones with trucks and construction equipment. He has also taken a liking to Thomas books. These were not in his box but he found them on the shelf in the girls room during one of his distructive moments when he was ripping off books and throwing them on the floor. After that he kept going back to get them off the shelf, so we added them to his box ... amazing how they naturally gravitate to these things.

It's such a fun age to watch them grow and learn so much each day. It also makes me sad at times as each day he learns more he becomes less and less a baby ... if only we could freeze him this way (when he's having a happy day :).


willowsprite said...

Aw, what a big boy helping mommy with the cleaning! And no, not all kids like vacuums! Callum was terrified at first, but he's getting better... :)

amymom24 said...

What a great update on Matthew! So nice to know what he is up to - they change so much from month to month at this age. Love that he likes to "help" so much:) And that last pic of him looking up from the book and waving - priceless!

HH said...

Lovely Matthew post, Steph. So neat to see him 'into' everything. Lachlan loves the vacuum cleaner as well and always wants to help me. Lieschen doesn't care for it as much...she knows she'll get her fair share of it when she grows