Sunday, January 25, 2009


A little while ago we received a box of used clothes from a friend and in the box was this shirt. It's a few sizes to big for Matthew but given how PERFECT it is for him I just had to put it on and make sure I had a picture of him.

TROUBLE is Matthew's nickname, so this shirt could not be more ideal. He's had this nickname for ... well ... I'd say as long as I can remember, but I'm guessing it would be about the time he started being mobile and getting into TROUBLE all the time. Everyone in the house calls him Trouble about as much as they call him Matthew ... although recently we've been hearing the name Monkey about as much as Trouble now that he's become quite the expert on climbing and then therefore getting into ... you guessed it ... Trouble!

It's funny how all the kids pick up there own nicknames ... and pretty much from shortly after they're born. Marietta was always known as Sweetpea ... which as she became older turned into Sweetie. We don't call her either very often anymore. Rebecca was known as Turkey Lurkey or on even worse days TURKEY LURKEY ... this was due to her non-stop crying for almost her entire first year of life. We still call her this at times just to bug her, but mostly we use her other nickname which she also receive when she was a baby ... Boofy. I have no idea where this one came from, just one of those names that stuck. She isn't all that keen on being called this anymore, but we still do at times without even realizing it. James had two nicknames as well. One was Pooperoo due to his many dirty diapers in a day ... which unfortunately he never outgrew. The name we called him most was Bud. He was everyones little Buddy. I remember calling Matthew that a few times when he was little and always stopping as soon as I said it and thinking how I couldn't call him that name because it belonged to James. I definitely didn't call Matthew that anymore after Rebecca pointed out that "He's not Bud, that's James' name!" And so eventually Matthew earned his own nickname, I think it took him the longest of all the kids to receive one, but I'm sure that also has to do with the fact that his first five months we just weren't focusing on him ... we've definitely made up for lost time in that area, he's quite the spoiled little troublemaker now.
And just a few more photos.
One more shot of his shirt, and one of him pigging out, a sight we always enjoy. The old Matthew has been back the last month and so we've been somewhat discouraged again, but we sure enjoyed the month of December when we seen him stuffing his face like this all the time and playing so wonderfully. The last two days he's gone back to stuffing his face ... hopefully happy Matthew will come back also.

If it has wheels and moves, Matthew is determined to find a way to ride it.


HH said...

That shirt sure is cute! Love it! And nicknames? They are such a funny thing hey. Mine has stuck for almost 40 years. My brother still calls me by my nickname. Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

That the exact reason we bought that shirt for Connor---and everyone smiled when he would wear it-cause it was so true!!

Love ssing Matthew in connors clothes...brings back memories of when Connor was little!!

willowsprite said...

Too cute! :)

Steph said...

Thanks again for the clothes, it's great to have them. I just wish the shirt weren't so true ... but he's determined to be a true boy!

amymom24 said...

Hope happy Matthew has returned!

What a hilarious shirt - suits him to a "tee" (pun intended).